The Veggie Project's​​ Mission

*Evaluate the degree to which different approaches increase the number of children eating fruits and vegetables as part of their school provided lunch.

We designed an iPhone app that makes it easy to record the number of servings of fruits and vegetables that each child ate, as well as the number of servings each child threw away during school lunch. We use this data collection tool to accurately measure the degree to which different approaches increase fruit and vegetable consumption and decrease waste.  We will recruiting schools to participate in this study for fall 2013. If you would like your school to participate please contact us at veggies@byu.edu


*Examine how long a child must eat fruits and vegetables during lunch before it translates into a long run habit.

We designed a special veggie token that schools used to implement a short run rewards program. We found that providing a small reward dramatically increased the fraction of children eating a serving of fruits or vegetables during lunch. However the real question is how long this type of program would need to be in place before it translated into a long run change in children’s eating behavior. We found that three of five weeks is enough time for increases in consumption to be sustained for over two months after the rewards program ends.